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Evowall (Segmental Retaining Wall)
Timbalok (Timber Crib)
Timbalok (Timber Crib)

At Evolution Geotechnical Engineering we provide value engineered retaining solutions for our clients. 

Welcome to our website, we are here to help you with any retaining wall issues you may have. Please feel free to have a look around and if you have any questions you can call us on the contact details below.

Our engineering solutions encompass all elements of value from cost to aesthetic appeal. We are always conscious of the environmental and amenity benefits that can be derived from the built environment. Our solutions range from reinforced earth systems like EvoWalls to simple mass gravity systems such as Gabions or aesthetically superior mass gravity systems such as Timbalok (timber crib walls). Please feel free to explore our website further for more information on the various retaining systems we can provide. If you have any queries you can contact us by clicking here.

We can provide budgeted installed costs for all our systems as well as technical specifications and concept sections. Using our extensive experience, we are happy to assist our clients to choose the most appropriate system from the wide range of options we supply.  If you have a project that requires a retaining structure, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.