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EvoWall(Segmental Retaining Wall)

Evowall (Segmental Retaining Wall)
Evowall (Segmental Retaining Wall)
Evowall (Segmental Retaining Wall)
Evowall (Segmental Retaining Wall)

The EvoWall system is a term used to describe any segmental retaining wall system designed by Evolution Geotechnical Engineering. These are modular block walls using either gravity or geogrid to provide stability for the structure.

What is an EvoWall?

Evowall EvoWalls are a cast block faced earth retaining system used for vertical grade change applications. The system provides lateral support which counteracts the forces generated by earth pressures, water pressure and external loading on a cutting or filled embankment. They have been used extensively throughout the USA for over 30 years and in Ireland and the UK since the early 1990’s. They offer the advantage of extremely quick installation (productivity rates of up to 80m2 per day have been achieved) as well as a refined superior architectural finish. They can incorporate steps, corners, tiers and contours with ease while offering excellent economic savings compared to other concrete retaining systems.


EvoWall blocks can be used as mass gravity retaining walls utilising the unit to unit friction, sheer elements and interlock to resist destabilising forces for heights up to 1.0m.  They can also be used in conjunction with concrete backfill behind the blocks to give a superior aesthetic retaining structure for heights in excess of 3.0m.
The majority of EvoWalls constructed over 1.0m in height utilise geogrid reinforcement which strengthen the structural fill to the rear of the block wall and ties into the stable embankment behind. Geogrid or geosynthetic reinforcement materials are high tensile strength polymeric materials. When combined with structural fill and the facing units they form a composite structure (also known as a Mechanically Stabilised Earth MSE wall) with the ability to withstand external forces associated with retained heights in excess of 15.0m.

Advantages of EvoWalls

Evowalls have many advantges:


We offer a complete design, supply and install option or if you want to install the structure yourself then we can offer basic instruction if requested. 

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