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Evowall (Segmental Retaining Wall)
Evowall (Segmental Retaining Wall)
Evowall (Segmental Retaining Wall)
Evowall (Segmental Retaining Wall)

Gabions are method of retaining by using mass gravity principles of engineering. The come in varied sizes and specifications.

What are gabions?


Gabions have been around for centuries and the modern name is derived from gabbione, an old Italian word for “big cage”. These cages are typically filled with rock and the weight of the enclosed rock allows design of a retaining structure based on mass gravity engineering principles. The cages were originally wicker but now are generally made from galvanised, pvc coated or stainless steel wire. They are typically used for retaining walls, erosion protection, building cladding, free standing “screen” walls and architectural furniture.
Gabions type structures were used to protect the banks of the river Nile thousands of years ago. In the intervening years gabions have undergone an evolution from reed based woven products to cylindrical wickerwork units used for military fortifications through to modern day steel products which are used for engineering and architectural works.

Advantages of gabions


Gabion fill material

The fill required for gabions depends on the application concerned. If it is in an engineering application then class 6G gabion stone should be used. If the application is an architectural one then the fill can vary with shell, glass, timber, ceramics etc having been used in the past.

Gabion costs

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