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Services provided by EvoGeo

We provide a range of services from design-only to a complete turnkey design supply and install package.

Technical Advice

We offer free advice and concept sections on a range of retaining systems to ensure the client gets the best system to meet their requirements.

Technical proposal

We offer a free-of-charge technical proposal complete with drawings and calculations but not covered by our indemnified insurance. The proposal comes complete with caveats stating it is not to be used for construction. These technical proposals should be verified by an indemnified engineer prior to construction.

Indemnified design

We can provide fully indemnified design for all our systems.


We supply all the systems we design to our clients to ensure the quality of the materials matches the high standards we expect.

Design, Supply and Instal

A complete one stop package is provided for our more discerning clients. The risk of delay, failure due to poor installation or poor finished end product is managed by EvoGeo. It is the best way to ensure clients expectations are met throughout the project. It is much easier for EvoGeo to ensure that any amendments or design issues are dealt with promptly when we are involved in the design, supply and installation.