Benefits of evogreen


By planting the face of the reinforced earth system you get an environmentally friendly retaining solution.


This system is amongst the most cost effective retaining solutions available in Ireland today.

Time Savings

The time savings that can be achieved by using this system over a traditional gabion solution are in the region of 50%.


The natural green appearance of this system helps to soften the impact of a retaining structure on a site.

What is Evogreen?

EvoGreen is a vegetated reinforced earth slope. This reinforced earth system can be used for slope angles up to 700. The system includes a sacrificial welded mesh formwork and a biodegradable choir matting on the face with geogrid wrapped around to provide the structural stability. When installing the system there is 300mm of seeded top soil placed to the rear of the choir matting and this allows vegetation to propagate on the face of the reinforced slope.

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