EvoWall AB

Benefits of evowall ab


The aesthetic appearance of this retaining system is a superior architectural finish which comes in a range of colours which help to enhance the built environment.

Installation cost

The installed cost of an EvoWall can be much less than an equivalent reinforced concrete wall (depending on specific site parameters).

Time Saving

This system can be installed a lot quicker than most alternative systems.

Environmental benefits

Being a concrete product the lifespan of the retaining structure will be in excess of 120 years. The facing units can also be stripped and reused should the retaining structure not be required any longer.

What is Evowall ab?

The EvoWall AB is a cast block faced earth retaining system used for vertical grade change applications. The system provides lateral support which counteracts the forces generated by earth pressures, and external loading on a cutting or filled embankment. They have been used extensively throughout the USA for over 30 years and in Ireland and the UK since the early 1990’s. They can be designed as a mass gravity system with concrete backfill or by utilising geogrid in a reinforced earth design.
They offer the advantage of extremely quick installation as well as a refined superior architectural finish. They can incorporate steps, corners, tiers and contours with ease while offering excellent economic savings compared to other concrete retaining systems.

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